Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deltacraft: 19 Charming Chairs

This is part of a series of booklets measuring 5 1/2" tall and 4 1/4" wide that was produced by Delta Tools under their Deltacraft Publications line during the 40's (guessing at the age) as part of an aggregate reprint of articles originally featured in Deltacraft magazine. Some of these were also originally printed in other publications such as Workbench or The Home Craftsman of similar vintage.

19 Charming Chairs
Form AD-223
The Delta Manufacturing Company
600-634 East Vienna Avenue
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Printed in U.S. of A.
24 Pages including covers, scanned flat as a series of 12 scans and converted to PDF at 150 DPI approximately 11.3 MB.
Download PDF by Clicking Here

While most of these plans are rather dated there are some tidbits in here that make them interesting. I think with some small modification many of the styles could be used as viable furniture today. From what I can tell these publications haven't been made available since inception, so have fun with this one. I especially like the many children's sized examples and the benches, several have an Art Deco or Mid-Mod flair to them. There's nothing here that would be beyond the intermediate woodworker, and several of the plans could be successfully completed by the beginner with some basic handtools.

-- John

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deltagram - Spinning Wheel Lamp

This is a scan of a Spinning Wheel Lamp plan originally published in an old 1930's Deltagram. I was contacted about finding the plan on one of my other blogs:

Kenneth said...
I didn't really have a chance to peruse your site. I was doing a search for Deltagrams. I made a spinning wheel lamp in high school shop from a deltagram that my dad had. This was 1962. I has become lost and I'd like to find a copy if possible even a photocopy. Thought one of your collections might have it
December 9, 2008 11:13 AM

As it were, I found the issue using a Deltacraft index which describes:

From a June 1944 index under Lamp, Table:
Spinning Wheel:
BI 58 (Delta Blueprint 58)
Del 4:48, 5:25 (Deltagram 4 page 48 and Deltagram 5 page 25)
PP 2:4 (Pratical Projects 2, page 4)

I also have a high-resolution scan available here: Spinning Wheel Plan (High Resolution: 1.1 MB)