Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello and Welcome!

The problem with having many interests (look at my blog list and you'll see what I mean) is that it's difficult to share those interests in a format that's appealing to those who would want to view your images or read your text. Thus the multiple-blog blogger is born - and thus this new blog featuring the various vintage magazines I collect. For the most part, I've got old comics and Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines from when I was a kid and have continued to collect into adult-hood. I've scanned some of these and placed them into various web archives (check my flickr account for some snazzy book and magazine covers in those genres). What I haven't shared are some of those magazines that combine several of my interests into one format. I like paper and ephemera, so when I had a chance to pick up some "The Family Handyman," "Home Craftsman" and "Workbench" magazines from the 50's, I didn't hesitate to purchase. These magazines combine several of my interests: Old Woodworking Tools (in the ads and articles about techniques), Mid-Century Modern design (Covers, internal articles and projects), Woodworking (assembly plans, cut-lists, etc) and old paper. I've decided to share some of the magazines with everyone using this format - I'll basically do one issue at a time and scan relevant information, including ads, articles and covers. Each subject matter will be tagged for ease of cross-reference. Look for my first post soon.